how / why Naturvival started? 

  • Naturvival (IOF) idea was born somewhere in the wild, at the sunset, near the clear river whiles natter in front of the fire. The abundance of wrong way to live the nature, unnatural approach that brings many of us to think that nature is enemy to fight, forgetting our ancestor's teaching that nature is like a friend to live with, brought us that night to think about the new word witch describes the correct way to live in and with the nature. there was many words burning out passionately that night, only one survived and it was Naturvival.

  • Naturvival (IOF) is an organisation developed by and for outdoor recreation and education professionals. Naturvival (IOF) is a pioneer organisation dedicated to advancing the field of outdoor recreation and education.

  • Naturvival (IOF) is the organisation dedicated to education professionals in outdoor. Through Naturvival (IOF) members have a mechanism for ethical identification in outdoor recreation industry. 
  • The mission of the Naturvival (IOF) is to provide opportunities for professionals and students in the field of outdoor recreation and education to exchange information, promote the preservation and conservation of the natural environment, and address issues common to IOF Instructors, IOF Schools, college, university, community, military, and other outdoor recreation and education institutions, clubs and programs.

  • Naturvival (IOF)  is committed to promoting ecologically sound stewardship of the natural environment and serves as a collective voice for its members regarding topics of regional, national and international concern.