become Naturvival (IOF) member

  • Naturvival (IOF) members are programmers, teachers, leaders, and students involved in outdoor education. These include: outdoor instructors, college and university non-credit recreational programs and degree granting programs, military recreation, community recreation and private outdoor schools.
  • Naturvival (IOF) membership dues help us to continually to strive to achieve our mission in mass education with primary goal to protect the mountains, forests, waters and trails of our great outdoors.
  • Any person or organisation whose interests are consistent with the mission and statement of the Naturvival (IOF) may become a member upon Naturvival (IOF) verification on ethical approach and approval, by submitting application and payment of dues. To learn more about Naturvival (IOF) membership dues please contact us.

Why should you join the Naturvival (IOF)?

  • To share your knowledge skills and abilities
  • To support our common vision in outdoor ethics 
  • To have access to awards for yourself and your staff
  • To approve his ethical conduction in outdoor industry
  • To develop a network of colleagues and collaborators
  • To acquire professional growth by IOF specialisations
  • To obtain more credibility and visibility in outdoor industry
  • To offer and search qualified employees in outdoor industry
  • To keep up-to-date with skills, techniques, and certifications
  • To improve and make positive changes in your outdoor profession