Do you want to become International Outdoor instructor? We are proud to present to you special International Instructors Course, special introduction course made by specialist in outdoors that could help you in what could be your future occupation in great outdoors. 

IOF Instructors Course topics 

We think the best approach to become IOF Instructor is to become Survival Instructor at first. This is due the survival topics include all outdoor techniques. As the follow is the list of most significant topics covered during this IOF Instructor Course.

Group conduction and Administration
This track is designed to help professionals develop procedures, group conduction techniques, operations, and overall administration of programs. Presentation topics include risk management in group conduction, marketing, technology, and budgeting. This track will be accomplished for almost 70% in classroom and 30% in field..

Environmental Stewardship and Sustainability
This track provides meaningful instruction and discussion pertaining to outdoor ethics, ecology education, minimising footprint (no trace), and conservation. This track will be accomplished for almost 100% in classroom.

Outdoor survival techniques
Psychology of survival, fire making modern and primitive methods, shelter building, finding and treating water, hunting and snaring, use of primitive and not weapons and tools, tracking, trapping, signalling, survival kit and equipment selection. This track will be accomplished for almost 100% in field in real simulations.

Urban survival techniques
Krav Maga - urban fight survival techniques, how to avoid potential threat, psychology of aggression, hi risk management, 
pepper spray and other improvised tools techniques This track will be accomplished for almost 100% in field.

Edible and medical plants
Finding and recognising of edible and medical plants, traditional and primitive medicine, edible plants classification and preparation, poisonous plants recognisingThis track will be accomplished for almost 100% in field.

Mountaineering techniques
Use of rope in emergency, rope bridges constructions, cliff climbing and distending, mountaineering, knots and various rope constructions and equipment selection. This track will be accomplished for almost 100% in field.

Orientation and land navigation
Navigation and direction finding, compass and map readings, use of GPS, orientation and navigation by natural sights.
This track will be accomplished for almost 100% in field.

Risk Management and Wilderness Medicine
This track is intended to improve preparedness for crisis and medical situations and provide updates in the wilderness medicine field. This track will be accomplished for almost 20% in classroom and 80% in field in real risk management simulations.

IOF all inclusive approach

IOF Instructors Course quota include education and instructions by professional staff, accommodation in camp, breakfasts, lunches and dinners, equipment rental and final certificate.

IOF Instructor Course requisites 

For this course good health and minimal physical fitness and good outdoor experience is needed. 
For list of equipment needed for this course please contact us.

IOF Course location 

IOF 2014 Instructors Course will be hold in Italy on AICS - National Survival Instructors school terrain easy reachable by a car. It is situated near town of Bormida - Alessandria. Terrain is suggestive, plenty of Survival School structure like tibetans bridges on a canyon with spring water sources, surrounded with pine trees and secular woods inhabited with many animal species.

IOF Course date 

IOF Instructors Course last for 4 days and it is scheduled from 02 to 05. October 2014.
For any further information, reservation or price request be free to contact us.