our Naturvival statement

  • Naturvival (IOF) is the organisation with primary mission of teaching and building meaning and awareness on ethical approach to outdoor, natural resources and natural way of living. Ethical approach to the nature is moral philosophy that addresses question about morality in natural exploitation and stabilise virtually, moral limit of those.
  • Naturvival (IOF) members are fully engaged in ethic approach to outdoor, in tune with proper activities and profoundly conscious that in era of globalisation in exploitation of natural, there must be hand in hand of globalisation in ethics in those.
  • Naturvival (IOF) members give moral guaranty to generations who are leaving, message for those who remain and educational footsteps for those who are coming by teaching, studying and preserving knowledge's of natural living.
  • Naturvivors do not inherit this earth from their ancestors, they only borrow it from their children's. Naturvivors life and outdoor practice is always executed with highly respect for all living species that makes our nature so natural and our wilderness so wild.